In this 10-minute video, I share important information about cancer, chronic diseases and my HEALTH MODULE coaching program, which I created for cancer patients and everybody who is serious about prevention.

This program contains step-by-step strategies and protocols used by people who have healed cancer holistically. I also included my own healing protocols and treatments in detail. It will give you a roadmap to transform your life and start your own healing adventure.

This video is only available in Polish

Nowadays the number of people with chronic diseases and cancer is rapidly growing. This is caused by many factors, including the environment, diet, lifestyle choices and stress.
Those factors either promote health or promote disease, depending on the choices you make.
Today we know that cancer can be cured. Your body can do it if you only give it a chance. You just have to take care of it.

Regardless of whether you choose conventional or alternative treatments, working to rebuild your immune system will definitely bring you many benefits.

The aim of the HEALTH MODULE coaching program is to support the healing of your immune system and body. I am convinced that you can eliminate most of the cancer causing factors by introducing radical changes in your life by implementing anti-cancer diet supported by proper supplementation, detoxing your body and enviroment, regular excerciese, meditation and eliminating stress. These are the most important topics covered in in the program. You will also find information about the various causes of cancer and chronic diseases in general and how to monitor your progress in your healing process.

My inspiration to put this material together was first and foremost Chris Wark, whose recommendations I follow on a regular basis, as well as Anthony William, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart and other supporters of natural treatment methods.

The coaching program is only available in Polish language. However I highly recommend you to check out Chris Wark’s website: www.chrisbeatcancer.com, where you will find most of the information included in the HEALTH MODULE.


Dr. Norbert Szaluś

The results on the effectiveness of complementary methods supporting oncological treatment (used in many countries) are published in indexed medical periodicals. For example: a study has been published in the „Science Translational Medicine” about a group of patients with ovarian cancer who were given intravenous vitamin C and who were receiving chemotherapy at the same time. A longer overall survival and a significant reduction in side effects have been observed among patients receiving vitamin C compared to those not receiving it. There are already many similar studies, but third phase studies are still missing. There are more and more researches and scientific studies presented at scientific congresses. more

The Society for Integrative Oncology in the USA is very active and it conducts research on the above described methods.the USA. However, products from natural substances, e.g. vitamin C or resveratrol, cannot be patented and can therefore be produced by any laboratory. For example, Japanese, Australian or Turkish medicine are open to complementary methods, giving the patients greater chances for a more effective treatment and improving their quality of life. So far, none of the above methods have been registered by drug registration agencies in the USA or Europe. There are no patents, so there is no driving force that would be interested in a wider use of these substances. This does not mean, however, that they are not effective and are bad. Cancer patients are often unable to complete their treatment due to side effects. This eliminates them from work and family life.
In the search for supportive methods, 15 years ago I came across the Japanese shiitake mycelium extract. its effects in combination with chemotherapy and immunotherapy are studied by many scientific centers around the world. I am constatly searching for other substances that could be equally helpful in supportive therapies.

It is interesting that the majority of people undergoing oncological treatment seek complementary therapies. A number of patients who are afraid of side effects of the conventional treatments come to my office. Sometimes I have patients who can not imagine chemotherapy or are after many cycles of treatment and no longer have the strength to continue. I also have patients whose oncological treatment failed and the convetional medicine has nothing more to offer them. Analyzing their situation and test results, I advice them how alternative therapies could help them, if at all. There are also patients who have therapies to reduce the probability of recurrence. Another goal of the therapies I apply on patients is to strenghten the immune system, i.e. plant based substances, whole body hyperthermia, probiotics etc. The problem of the so-called complementary approach is the fear of telling the attending physicians about it, despite of the many benefits of such treatments. It should not be like that. Another very important issue is the treatment of the cancer stem cells (cells that initiate the cancer), which are responsible for recurrence. One of the antibiotics is very promising in the therapy of these cells, as well as e.g. curcumin (both substances are used in intravenous form).

Eva has refused the conventional treatment recommended for her and after she made her decision, she decided to contact me. She became my patient right after her breast surgery. Her test and results are now stable. I am full of admiration for Eva’s determination and believe that her project can help many people gain valuable information that will help them make the right decision for themselves.

Dr. Norbert Szaluś
Graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Łódź in 2000. In 2006 he defended his doctorate in oncology and nuclear medicine. He is a specialist in nuclear medicine since 2007, currently specializing in clinical oncology.Author of about 100 scientific publications in foreign and domestic magazines in the field of diagnosis and therapy of oncological diseases.

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My name is Éva. I’m a happy mother of four beautiful boys and a wife of a loving husband. In May 2019 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was a 2 cm tumor in my right breast and the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. It was the biggest shock of my life. I have been doing regular check-ups every year. I was operated in June (the tumor was removed). The clinical oncologist told me I had to do chemo-, radio – and hormone therapy. Instead I radically changed my diet and decided to do natural non-toxic therapies for my healing. Thank God my test results are good now.


Mary Lou Dewitt

Eva has been a real support to me re: my health issues, and she has always helped me find alternative answers to my ongoing issues. As a friend, she has been devoted and dedicated, and I trust her 5,000 %. I honestly don't know how she does it, given her busy life and demanding schedule! I would trust her to answer any ongoing health concerns, and I am excited to have her launch this website. Trust Eva . . . she's the best!!!

Ana Rodriguez Garcia

I completely trust Eva. Why? Because she walks the talk.
Since as you do one thing you do everything, Eva is loving all the time: with her kids, husband, family and friends. Loving, kind and truthful.
Her desire to help and add value is always there, and for that reason, every single second around this powerful, humble and beautiful woman is a complete joy full of wisdom.
Thank you, Eva, for being in our lives.

Christina Lasota

I admire Eva for her pursuit after a healthy lifestyle. This is in regard of healthy food as well care about physical fitness and mental strength. Having powerful mind she has big influence on her family lifestyle. Sure she is the example to follow by many people caring about their health.

Agnieszka Ślubowska-Jukiel

I would like to highly recommend this website. Eva shows how we can help ourselves, that the impossible can become possible. It's beautiful that she decided to share her experience with us. Personally, I use essential oils and Healy and I feel their wonderful power every day! I’m sure you will find valuable information here about health and healing. As we know health is priceless!

Monika Rothe

Eva amazes me with her ability to positively influence my life despite the hardships of everyday life. The energy she sends is filled with love and each of her word gives wings and strength. She opened my mind and my heart to the UNIVERSE, NATURE and CONSCIOUS LIFE. Thanks to her I started a journey to a better life.

Aleksandra Bruchajzer

I wholeheartedly recommend Eva Aboo’s website. It is an excellent source of very valuable information. It's amazing how Eva is healing from cancer using only natural methods. I think she is an inspiration for many people because she passes on knowledge based on her own experiences, together with good energy, which raises from passion for what she does and her love for life.

Izabela Rawa - Kaźmierczak

I am impressed with Eva's holistic approach to health, which combines the state of mind, spirit and body, and most importantly, all these elements influence each other and each of them are equally important. "THE HEALTH MODULE" is a valuable source of information for everyone who is having a serious health challange and wants to heal, searching for happiness and peace, which is absolutely important when fighting diseases.

Agnieszka Wierzbicka

Eva has achieved a lot thanks to her determination and great effort. It is beautiful that she wants to help and support others sharing her knowledge and experience.
.... Life is a miracle and so we are in it ...

Katarzyna Tomaszewska

I am full of admiration for the determination and hard work that Eva has put into implementing this project. Creating this site required gaining a lot of knowledge and a lot of effort. Her willingness to share her knowledge and information with others is also admirable. Undoubtedly, for many people this site will be a valuable source of information and inspiration.

Sadek Bekhazy (Team of Dr Joe Dispenza)

I can only remember good times with Eva - from Peru with Greg Braden to Niagra falls with Dr Joe, Eva has been such an inspiration to me and many others on this journey. A walkin example of truth, having healed from cancer by persisting in the work and creating a future of health, vitality and courage.

Kasia van Hall

Eva’s website is a great inspitation. Say yes to change, fight for your health and be succesful. It can be done with the right mind approach, self learning and among all - determination. Eva’s page can help to learn how to navigate towards a „beter healthy me”.

Kasia Jamroz (Team of Dr Joe Dispenza)

I admire Eva's zest for life and her passion to inspire others to take care of their well-being. Her blog is full of valuable insight and tips how to face health challenges in the holistic way.

Philip Sapiano

Eva is very inspirational person in my life! I met Eva 10 years ago and her being positive towards life made me a different person. I would like to thank Eva for what she was able to transmit to myself and my family. Thank you !

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